Hello Gsun Hope it's not too late to reply.
Well regarding Source position , it is plane wave source at 700 nm above the structure and the YZ-side monitor is placed at 0 to -300 nm on Z-axes. Can I take it granted that this DFT (side monitors) shows the E-field values that only pass through on the monitor surface area?
The attached Picture shows the variation of efficiency for from top, side and Pabs (Pabs is covering only the volume of the dielectric).
It seems if even the E-field value this side monitors can provide they can not provide the transmission efficiency correctly because there is no way they can be weighted by source injected power in perpendicular plane. So can I trust the magnitude of E-field values from the side monitors at least? while the E-field enhanced by 800%.
What is the best option of simulating the propagating surface wave from this type of Nano resonator structure please?
Thank you