Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee
You can trust the data from the monitor, with 800% enhanced. Local electric field enhancement can be engineered to arbitrary value, such as 1e6 or even higher. This is the field, not the power, where power is conserved no larger than the incidence.
Please do not measure the transmission of the monitor on the periodic axis since it is not measurable in experiment.
In addition, we can say how much power passes a surface, but not for the fields, as the fields are local, spatially exist. Fields and power are not the same concepts. Again, the net power to the periodic BCs is ZERO, otherwise it violates the physics.
If you want to simulate the surface wave propagation, you will need to set up the device long enough along the propagation direction. However, never apply for the periodic BC in that direction. This can be another interesting topic, please have a new post if you have questions.