John Doyle
Ansys Employee
From the Additive Science R2021-R1 documentation:
"A Microstructure Simulation is essentially a two-part solution. A thermal solution of a cuboid geometry is performed first using theThermal Solverto determine cooling rate, thermal gradient, and melt pool size (width and depth) for the material given a set of process parameters. Then the Microstructure Solver is used on a smaller "cube" inscribed inside the cuboid to determine the microstructural information. The cube is actually a set of three 2D planes with width and height equal to Sensor Dimension. A1 mm buffer depth and a 0.25 mm buffer distance from all the edges of the cuboid in the XY planeare required to ensure the microstructure is obtained with a thermal melt pool that has reached steady-state. The thermal quantities of cooling rate, thermal gradient, melt pool width and melt pool depth used by the Microstructure Solver are single, averaged values and are averaged from within the microstructure cube only."
Regards John