Jim Day
Ansys Employee
This forum doesn't allow passing of models (except those in the public domain) so it more or less forces a somewhat abstract discussion. That being the case, it still is not clear to me why you're taking the approach you're taking.
There is a thermal solver in LS-DYNA (*CONTROL_SOLUTION, SOLN=1 or 2) that has nothing to do with ICFD. It allows a thermal-only analysis (steady-state or transient) or a coupled mechanical-thermal analysis. If you don't want to do a full-on coupled mechanical-thermal analysis, you may be able to break the phases of your simulation into pieces, invoking only the thermal solver or only the mechanical solver (driven by prescribed temperatures) in each piece of the simulation. For example, *LOAD_THERMAL_D3PLOT allows temperatures computed in a prior LS-DYNA thermal-only analysis to be used to load an LS-DYNA mechanical-only analysis.
Explain to me why a third party code or ICFD analysis in LS-DYNA is necessary.
Or perhaps the best way to clarify things is for you to point me to an application on the web, say from dynalook.com, that is similar to yours.