This is LES simulation of coal combustion, by species model, Discrete phase model, DO radiation; the particle number reaches up to 50 million;
using 2021R1, automatic Metis partitioning, single precision;
using two udf file to define coal properties wsg for radiation and define ash volume after coal burnout, which should be no effect on divergence and this error.
For coal combustion simulation, I adjusted URF of DPS from 0.1 to 0.9 after the simulation is stable. but after running for about 3 seconds flow through time, it became unstable again.
After I rerun the case, it also encounters problem of corrupted unsorted chunks and continuity can't converge well. I use 120 cores, OS system:
previously we encounter crash problem because the data file is too big 15GB. I use H5 file format now. a previous post has been linked to this post.
I can try to use lower URF of DPS, but I still need to increase it to 0.9 and want the simulation be stable at 0.9.
the error log file and the fluent simulation output have been attached.
Please help.

Thank you.