Sheldon Imaoka
Ansys Employee

Yes, you can use this technique for Line Bodies, too, although the BEAM188 will be listed before CONTA17x and SURF15x elements in the listing (their element type IDs will be listed first, before the loading/contact elements).
Note that, generally speaking, your mass of BEAM188 elements will be equal or very close between geometry (line bodies) and mesh (BEAM188), so you could also select the "Geometry" branch in Workbench and click on "Home ribbon>Worksheet" to see the masses of your line bodies. Right-clicking on the "Geometry" branch and using "Export Text File" will make this even easier, as you can use Excel to look at the listing of bodies (useful if you have many solid and line bodies, for example). This is much easier than going through the solver output to look at the mass of the corresponding elements. (There can be small differences if your line bodies have curvature, as it depends on your element size and whether that curvature is captured well by the mesh, but generally speaking, you can use the Worksheet view of the Geometry branch to get a quick listing of your masses of all of your bodies.)
Regards Sheldon