I have tried both way (using my own version of python and explicitly including the lumapi path, or just using the version of python provided by Lumerical) and I get the same error using both methods.
The error output is from lumapi, so there I don't think there is any issue importing the module.
The error output indicates that the script gets to the point of trying to open an FDTD instance (self.handle = open(product, key, hide, serverArgs)). For reasons which are unclear to me, this line is failing when I run a script outside of Lumerical (e.g. from either command line or from an IDE) but passes when I run it from the Lumerical GUI (from the script file editor).
Just to be clear, in the past I have never had any issues running python scripts outside of the Lumerical GUI. This issue only started appearing this week, even though as far as I am aware, there have been no changes to my python environment.