Ansys Employee
Hi >>How do I get more control over the mesh while using 2Dmesh in LS-Prepost (so the ANSYS fluent mesh and LS-DYNA mesh resemble each other to the maximum amount possible)?
Is the Fluent mesh 2-D? if so you can directly export the fluent mesh (.msh in ASCII format) and import it in LSPP. Which brings me to your second question.
>>How do I convert an ANSYS Workbench mesh to a working LS-DYNA ICFD mesh?
You can download the LSP model convertor from the Ansys store:
Alternatively, you can use the new tool in LSPP 4.9 to import ASCII "msh" meshes created in Fluent meshing (see image below). It is important that the "msh" file is in ASCII format.