thankyou for clearing this issue out.
I am also gonnna ask you one more thing. Assume I create a line body between two holes of different solid bodies, and I load one of the solid bodies. What I have learned in my university life is that in static analysis, all the bodies must be in equilibrium. So it it natural to assume that the shear force and moment at that point of the line body which is joined to one solid body's hole, must be equal to the shear force and moment at the other point of the line body which is joined to other solid body's hole. (Ofcourse, assuming that no extra forces and moments are acting on that line body itself). However, sometimes when I see observe the shear force and moment diagram of this kind of line body, I see a difference in these two values as shown in the picture below.
Like I was expecting the S1 and S2 values to be equal, and also M1 and M2 values to be the same. However, there exists a difference which is very evident. The analysis from where this graph is retrieved is not complex at all. Can you tell me why does this happen? Is it supposed to be like this, or this is some kind of numerical error?