Hi everyone,
I am using a 2D three-phase model to see the droplet size of oil and water from the inlet section of the separator, with a velocity of 0.31127 m/s for oil and water. Before I simulate with VOF with the k-e model, I use DPM to find the particle where I inject the anthracite with a maximum bubble droplet of 1000 micron, with the minimum droplet size of 100 microns is 500 micron. I may be wrong in injecting the anthracite. Do I have to inject the kerosene or water?

But while I export the result in excel, I found that all value is the same with the average droplet size of 160micron.
Can anyone export please help me to guide the process where I am wrong. I want to find the droplet distribution of water and oil from the inlet section of the separator.