First of all, thank you very much for your reply and for the compliment for my exposition of the problem

But because there is two point contact, it should give a moment as shown in poorly drawn art work above but there should be a reaction moment too at fixed support in my opinion (and not force in Y direction).
I checked and there is indeed a moment of reaction to the fixed support. But I wonder if the forces in the two points of contact don't really develop forces in the Y direction. It must be a strange coincidence because with inclined surfaces you would expect a thrust force in the Y direction due to the wedge effect
maybe try scaling the result, adding (+) more color pallet in the result and check ?
Thank you! I have scaled the results and in fact now see a gradient of coloring. The deformation were indeed very small
I don't understand "automatic methods are not applicable" statement.
I meant that I have already tried all the automatic methods without success (sweep, multizone, hex dom, mapped, etc). I just have to try some more sophisticated approach, but I'm not sure how to do it