By adding (+) in color palette I meant, adding more colors gradients to the existing palette Ansys offers by default.
You probably already know this, but when you hover over the colors highlighted above you see (+ & -) on left side, just press + till you see more color gradients. This improves understanding of the solution for me. Try different options like show contours or bands to see more variations or maybe 'drag aqua color band down towards 0'. Isolines help a lot too.
Coming back to your problem Looking at the changes you made with your support, I have few follow-up questions if you don't mind.
1) I am wondering where exactly is Point mass located. (If it is shown in Red color in left fig, exactly over frictionless support or is it same as you previously mentioned, quite far away from fixed support.
2) As you said, not a cantilever now, how are you hoping to load the pin structure ? (Probably as shown below, if not kindly elaborate please )
If simply supported then it would act like
If radially supported as shown in figure above then it would act like
Maybe, I am thinking something quite different than it actually is.
--> I couldn't replicate this condition in the static structural simulation environment because the model would have been under-constrained.
Can you please tell what condition is it ? Maybe we could try together to figure it out using various remote displacement options or something else ? Its better to get results with conditions as close as possible to real conditions.
--> What do you think about it?
I could comment on it after I understand the exact problem, sorry if I wasn't much helpful here.
Thanks Chinmay.