Karthik. Thanks for clarifying my question regarding Fluent Meshing, I understand better now.
For the simulation, I was trying to do a MRF, and yes, a steady run. Regarding what you said about "when the streamline touches the turbine, the streamline should end" does this mean that I would not be able to see how the air flows at the turbine's outlet?
Lastly, I am doing the simulation in Fluent and have tried to plot pathlines on the turbine, but I get a similar plot of pathlines to the picture I posted above. As for the velocity contour, I Have also tried this but the flow does not make sense. I think it has to do with what Sir Rob mentioned about fluid:fluid boundaries being set to wall. Here is a sample velocity contour:
As you can see, I can't really assess the flow around the turbine. I will have to try changing the fluid:fluid boundary from Wall to Internal in Fluent Meshing to see if it changes.
I truly appreciate your input on this matter
Regards Erwin