I am using UDF as I have defined evaporation ,entrainment source term, droplet injection ,liquid and vapor mass and momentum term . I did not enable dynamic mesh. If I need to enable then which mesh methods and options I should select?
I am using coupled solver .Here is the details of boundary conditions:
I have sliced a pipe into 3 sections (i,e slice at two position to make 3 different area). I am using the first surface area(injection _wall) to apply liquid mass flux , 2nd surface area(stabilization_wall) to stabilize the liquid film and finally 3rd surface area(annular wall). I have a certain vapor velocity at inlet and two surface injection (one at the interior surface (see the image above with first post) and another from annular wall). I have calculated k and omega value and a certain operating pressure. Here is the pipe with zones and boundary:
If you need any more info, please let me know.
Regards Anadi