I tried to change the folder directory of the report file after having defined it but it still gives me the same message that the path I specified will be ignored and the file will be saved in the default project directory.
I know that I can copy it later to another folder, but the reason I want to have it done from the beginning is because I am preparing a journal file that runs through multiple simulations using the same mesh. I don't know how to make sophisticated journal files so what I'm doing is running consecutive simulations using the same Fluent setup in Workbench and saving the results to separate folders (except for the report files). I don't want to overwrite the report files when running consecutive simulations, which is what is happening right now. It's odd because I am able to save case and data files as well as writing flux and surface integral reports to other folders, but I can't configure the report file to write to a separate folder.
Any help would be appreciated.