David Mercier
Ansys Employee

What is the price of Granta EduPack?

The price of Granta EduPack depends on the license type you choose, the number of students covered, the amount of data your course requires, and the length of time you want the license to run. Typically, the cost of Granta EduPack per student per year is significantly less than the cost of a textbook. Contact us to find out if Granta EduPack would add value to your students.

Do you have a trial version of Granta EduPack?

A trial license of the software is provided during our workshops and training sessions. Alternatively, if you are not available to join one of our workshops, you can request an online meeting where we can show you the most relevant features in GrantaEduPack and related teaching resources.

I have a multi-year license. Is it possible to upgrade the number of students or edition?

In most cases, this is possible and we are happy to help you do this. Contact us or email granta.education@ansys.com for more information.

What types of license are available for GRANTA EduPack?

There are two types of license, Paid-up (with TECS) and Annual Lease licenses. The Paid-up license is floating concurrent, and includes the software for as long as you wish to use it, plus a one-year TECS (Technical Enhancements and Customer Support) license. As well as Ansys technical support, TECS covers any updates to the software in subsequent years, and access to the Granta Education Hub and Quarterly Case Study sessions. The Annual Lease license covers use of the software and all resources, plus Customer Support, for one year. In terms of legacy Granta license models, an Ansys Paid-up license with TECS is equivalent to a Perpetual license with maintenance, and Annual Lease is equivalent to Enrolment. Legacy Granta licensing is only available to existing customers who need more time to switch over to the server-based, Flex-enabled licensing model. If you think your institution falls into this category, please email the team at granta.education@ansys.com for more information.

It says there are no licenses available—what do I do?

This message appears in two situations:
  1. You are using the flex-enabled version of EduPack, and all your institution’s licenses are currently in use. Wait for one to become available, or manage users on the license server.
  2. You are using the Classic version of EduPack, and your license has expired.
If you want to renew or increase the number of licenses, or you don’t think your license should have expired, you can contact us or email granta.education@ansys.com.

Do I have to use a license server?

Granta EduPack requires an Ansys FlexNet license server to work. If your institution uses other Ansys software, they will already have one. See the full Installation Guidelines for more information. Granta EduPack Classic does not require a license server, however, many institutions use one to aid distribution.

Do I have a concurrent license?

If you have the Flex-enabled version of Granta EduPack, your license is floating concurrent. The software can be installed on as many machines as you wish, but has a fixed number of licenses that are assigned by a license server. If you are an existing customer and have had to keep your existing licensing model with Granta EduPack Classic, you do not have a concurrent license. The license is based on a fixed number of students for a given academic year.

How do I renew my license?

Contact us or email granta.education@ansys.com and the right person will get back to you to help.