Ansys Employee
No that is not due to the Euler Implicit Scheme. With DEM it is moreover recommended not to enable accuracy control.
You need to to understand between the particle time step size you input in the panel and time step required for trajectory integration (which depends on your input under Tracking Parameters). For DEM we set that particle time step size to 1/20 of the collision time. Smallest of both times will be used for particle trajectory integration.

You are writing from Scalar Update so it will go through all particles (all particle ID'S) and write information every time particle is tracked (so at entry to the cell, at exit, in the cell itself). If you look to the data you will for the lines that something is changing.
What you are asking for is more that I can provide on this open community but I think you should go with that strategy with sorting the time (other ways will require more scripting and more help from me).
PS: If you want to have data at each particle time step what about using Unsteady Particle Reporting.