Hi @greg_baethge´╝îThank you very much for your reply!
In the first calculation, the reason why I didn't divide sqrt(n1/n2) (the correction factor you mentioned) is because I found that this part has been corrected in the S-parameter analysis script. The details are as follows:
Why do we need to calibrate again in the calculation script? What is the physical mechanism of this correction? I am very confused about this.
greg_baethge´╝îyou mentioned earlier that you got results that are consistent with those in the literature. Can I see your results? According to your opinion,I carefully checked my simulation configuration, and I am roughly sure that there is no problem with it, so I wonder if there is a problem with my material parameters?If you use this method to obtain results that are almost the same as those in the literature, can you share with me the material parameters you used. I very much approve of the calculation scheme you provided, and I especially want to figure out the reasons for the discrepancies between my results and those in the literature. I hope you can help me solve this problem, thank you very much!
Looking forward to your reply!­ƒÿè­ƒÿè