Hello peter!
Thank you so much for your clear answer. Indeed, bonding the two surfaces can create a very stiff connection, as we observed above. However, should I still apply a contact between the two surfaces, maybe frictionless or no separation contact to avoid penetration?
The hinge is similar to a door hinge, however in a different lay-out. We have one of the hinge plates (Area 1) fasten to a component (in red), that will be bonded (glued) to the respective ribs. Then the locking plate, in a similar manner will also be fasten to a component (in red) that will be glued to the ribs.
As such, similar to what you have suggested, I could create a surface with two areas and give the revolute joints between them and a fixed joint between the areas and the respective ribs. In a similar manner the wing skin is also separated, but I have modelled it only as one surface. Should I also separate them to avoid a "way" too stiff connection?
Since the thickness of the plate is small, I think I will use flexible joint. Thank for your clarification.
Thank you so much for your time.