,I would like to ask you one more thing, if you may :) I saw the link that you attached for determining the maximum load bearing capacity of a concrete slab. My question would be that the graph that you attached there, i.e. the graph of reaction force against time, so was the final value of the reaction force at 1 sec equal to the applied load? I mean I couldn't understand actually that why did the load suddenly decrease? If I am conducting a non-linear analysis, then I input a load and it is applied in steps until it becomes equal to the value that I have inputted at t = 1 sec. At each sub-step convergence, the reaction force is always somewhat equal to the value of external force at that sub-step. So how is it possible that the reaction force decreases suddenly. Does that mean that the applied load has decreased suddenly, or something else?
I hope you have understood what I am trying to convey :)