I downloaded your .rar file, but you put in the .wbpj file which is not useful on its own, it needs the _files folder of the same name. If you open the .wbpj file in Workbench, use the File Archive menu to save a .wbpz file. That is an achive that has all the information needed to open on another computer. Please attach the .wbpz file to your reply.
Did you download my file in this discussion? It is the third post in the thread and has a .wbpz file that you can open. The correct procedure to setup contact for Static Structural is tricky. It would be easier to show you in a video meeting.
As I mentioned before, Explicit Dynamics requires no effort to setup contact. You get that automatically, but as you learned, you can wait a long time for the solver to compute.
There are some changes you can make to your Explicit Dynamics model to make it solve in less time. You can edit the density of the material to artificially reduce the time it takes to solve. For example, if you multiply the density by a factor of 25, the solution will take 1/5 of the time to compute the solution.
Another change is to increase the minimum element size. Look at the Mesh Metric called Characteristic Length. If you can increase the minimum length by a factor of 4, the solution will compute in 1/4 of the time.
If you do both those things, the solution will take 1/20 of the time to compute. If you also move the displacement 5 times faster, you can cut the end time by 1/5 so if you do all three things, the solution will compute in 1/100 the time.