Thanks for the images So in MATLAB, you have a base, which is the road.
You have a mass Mu, is that the wheel?
You have a spring Ku, is that the spring rate of the tire?
You have a mass Ms, is that the mass of the car?
You have a spring Ks, is that the spring rate of the suspension?
What output did you get from this MATLAB model?
I see you have a Modal analysis, and it looks like you have a frame with the four corners. That frame could represent the Ms from the MATLAB model. While you can run a Modal analysis on the frame to find how that might vibrate, that doesn't correlate with the MATLAB model.
If you want an Ansys Modal model that agrees with the MATLAB model, then you want to add a mass at each corner to represent each wheel. There will need to be either a suspension linkage between the wheel and the frame or an ANSYS Joint and then you can add a Spring/Damper to represent Ks from the MATLAB model.