When building a simulation model, there can be more or less simplification or idealization of the real parts to make a model that predicts some response.
In the case of a car and its connection to the wheel, rear wheels are simpler than front wheels, which have to also steer the car.
In this video, you can see a simulation of the suspension links of a rear wheel. There is the hub (orange) at the center of the wheel, and there are two links (blue and yellow) from the hub to the chassis (green) of the car. Between the links are two spring-dampers(light blue/purple). This is a realistic simulation of a rear wheel suspension. In this video, the blue block at the bottom is the road and that moves up and down on a translational joint to simulation the road bump.
A highly idealized version is a Translational Joint that requires no links to be created. You have to decide what you want to put in your model. That might depend on how much time you can spend on this project. If you have time, you can do a more realistic model. If you have less time, you make a more idealized model.