,yes you are absolutely correct. I was thinking to experimentally measure the stiffness of the glue. But I was not sure about the units to be used. But you cleared it out that what ever the value I enter, the default units to be used will be FORCE/LENGTH^3.
I made the previous comment because I was confused initially because the ANSYS solver is by itself assuming a default stiffness value and using it for the bonded contacts (except for the MPC). I mean like it can assume anything, but the reality might be different. The glue stiffness that the solver is trying to model and thus assuming can be different than the glue that I am using in the reality. So I was a little bit skeptical that the stress/strain results obtained from the ANSYS might be not as correct near the contact if compared to what we see in the reality. Thats why I wanted to input the normal stiffness value by my own which will represent glue in the reality. But at the same time, I didn't want to dive in the trouble to actually model the glue as a separate structural part for obvious reasons.
"Plus, though you can't set this in Mechanical, you set the Real Constant FKT to specify the tangent contact stiffness factor.", means ANSYS is also assuming it initially but in the ANSYS workbench, we don't have an option to actually play with it although with the contact normal stiffness, we can.