Two questions would like to seek for your further help:
I have set 4 parallel solver in the box before launching fluent, which made my fluent calculation faster! Now 0.08 s real world simulation only took around 12 hours! I would like to ask what parallel means, does my 6 core cpu mean that I can set max. 6 parallel solver?
Below is my calculation using 4 parallel solver:
Time step size: 3e-5
Time step: 200
Max. Iter/time step: 40
1st Iter: Global Courant Number [Explicit VOF Criteria] : 5.18633
last Iter: Global Courant Number [Explicit VOF Criteria] : 1.42208
2. I have also plot a mass imbalance graph during calculation, based on the below graph and above transient residual graph, do you think the setting is now reliable with residual convergence and I should keep this setting? Many thanks Rob!!!!!!