Navya C
Ansys Employee
The slope of the last two data points is used to extrapolate the BH curve. (While you are entering the BH data you might have observed the extrapolated green line on the right-side graph, while the data you entered will be below the green line in red)
Points Need to keep in mind while defining the BH curve.
┬ÀFor a Normal BH curve, the slope of the curve cannot be less than that of free space anywhere along the curve.
┬ÀThe value of B must increase along the curve.
┬ÀThe first data points for B and H must be 0 (zero).
┬ÀThe data points representing the BH curve should have enough points for an accurate representation of the curve.20 or more points should be specified with increased representation on the "knee" of the curve.
┬ÀSince BH operating points in the FEA solution may extend beyond the input BH data set, the BH data set is extrapolated in Maxwell.The slope of the last two user-defined data points is used to extrapolate the BH curve, and thus should be as close to mu0 as possible.
Regards Navya