Hello Elisabeth Most of the damage is going to happen on a millisecond time scale. A good feature of these simulations is that you can set a short End Time such as 0.010 seconds and look at the results, If things still seem to be happening, you can type in a longer End Time and restart the simulation from the end of the last one without starting from 0.
How you do that depends on the solver. In Explicit Dynamics, it is by typing in the Start from Cycle entry in the Analysis Settings and it has a list of points at which it can restart from. In Transient Structural, there is more work to do, you have to preconfigure the Analysis settings to Retain the files after full solve, otherwise it deletes some temporary files at the End Time. Then to restart you set that in Analysis Settings.
For either solver, you can Pause the simulation to look at results. Do not hit the Stop button on the simulation, that tells the solver to discard everything!