No. Ansys just ignores quaestions about scripting, or gives pointless links to their incomplete manual... with mistakes in references. Last time they told me to look in the "HFSS Scripting Guide", which has totally no functions which I asked about... I found some useful functions in the "Electronics Desktop Scripting Guide". So I think, the support does not know much about scripting themselves, and throws you any random stick with "scripting" written on it. Only on time they reacted more or less cautiously, when I was having serious system crashes, which is probably dangerous for their MIL customers... but that appeared to be the problem of Microsoft VBS core, so they do not care anymore...
Obviously, they don't care that the stop signal is ignored by the scripting engine.

Oh, OK. Since it is not a compiled, and very lightly syntax-checked language, you can use any function that results in the interpreter error (the same Wscript.Quit) inside the conditional check.