Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

Another model - why are you trying to solve different random mechanical application test cases that are not really related to one another ? To learn I suppose?

Anyhow, show (inline image) the contact debonding and the material for the Cohesive damage called Coh_MAt_CBDE or Coh_MAt_CBDD see if there is something wrong there.

Also show the analysis settings you use.

Finally the displacement BC (how much is it pulled up with)?

Also have in mind that the displacement at debonding is OK (UY=1.5mm), but the force reaction is 2.5 N and they multiply it by 20 to get total of 50 N. They say this is due to plane strain assumption hence it is multiplied by the width which is 20 mm (I hope you use plain strain)
Thank you