I managed to get your code to work and adapt it. Also I noticed that I only need the \solu-part (without some commands, e.g. without the solu, solve and finite and time command). Thank you very very much! This totally made my day - no even more, it made my week ;-)
I have one more question: Is it possible to plot / to retrieve the "used" heat generation value (hgenval) over time? E.g. to plot how high the heat generation rate / internal heat generation was at a specific time step for a specific element? If there exists such a possibility, it would be awesome.
Another, not so important question: Do you know if this method will lead to the same results as the heat generation rate with the MASS71 method with tabular input? Or do you know where the difference is?
P.S. For anyone looking at the code and getting confused by the table: The following website helped me a lot:
Also this website (
helped me a lot for looking up commands in a fast way.