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Can you kindly tell that while calculating the amount of pre-load to be used (from the equation : T = K *D*P, where T is Torque, K is nut factor, D is bolt diameter, P is pre-load) from a known value of torque, should I also input a safety factor value in this equation or not? Because the general equation to calculate the pre-load is given as : P = Proof load / F.o.S. But in the previous equation I wrote, there is no apparent effect of F.o.S in it.
Plus, if we already have the latter equation available, then for the ANSYS simulation purposes, is that going to be enough to calculate the pre-load (because I can calculate the proof load)? Or I have to use the former equation (which involves the torque in it)?
Equations taken from the video on ANSYS Learning YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkALo5V4hzo