There is a possibility of performing a static structural simulation to solve for the tension due to gravity rather than using the first 1 s to solve for gravity in Explicit Dynamics, but that makes the solution sequence more complicated. It may require the use of the INISTATE command to provide an initial strain in the elements. If successful, it is a better starting point for the Explicit Dynamics solution. How long is the simulation taking now?
Also, it is important to define the motion sequence. What is the maximum velocity vm that you want to ramp up to and what is the time dt that you want to take to get there. The constant acceleration a = vm/dt and that should be compared with 9.8 m/s^2 to see how the applied acceleration compares with 1g.
For example, if vm = 2 m/s and dt = 0.1 s then a = 20 m/s^2 and the distant travelled in 0.1 s is 0.1 m.
You might want to add a mass such as 100 kg to the bottom of the rod (wire?) to put some more inertia into the model.