Yes, you can use an online tool to generate a sine wave tabular data. Just make sure you get 500 points per second.
You have matlab, so you should download the free Vibrationdata Signal Analysis Package from Wordpress from the link below.
It is a zip file. Unzip to a folder. In matlab, add that folder to your Path. Type vibrationdata at the command line.
Click Begin Analysis. Fill out the entries, then click Calculate. Then type in a file name and click Save.
That variable sine116 is now in the matlab environment. It has Time and Displacement columns. Highlight the rows and copy, the paste into Excel for adding 0.2 to the Time column, then add a row for time = 0, 0.1 and 0.2 with Displacement = 0.
After you make a new time column, copy those 2 columns and 503 rows so you can paste them into Mechanical.