,okay understood. Thank you for that.
Please have a look at the pictures below.
So I chose an iterative solver for my analysis, however the solver itself switched to direct (sparse). I actually chose direct solver initially, but the RAM requirements were too much and I had to switch to iterative solver. Unfortunately, this move went to vain since the solver itself again try to use the sparse solver. What is the reason behind this? What can I modify within my model so that I would be able to use the iterative solver only?
And also, will some formulations of the contact will result in fewer equations and hence require lesser RAM than the others?
I also couldn't understand the warning above. What is the real constant set, and why does it have a number 2281? What is a wave front and how does it affect my solver's performance?
What does the above warning mean, and why does this happen?
What does memory resident data base mean?
Why is there a need to create internal nodes within my model, and why are they created for each of the reasons above?
In my model, I have a total of around 1 million elements. I go back to the solver output file, and realize that these are the number of elements within my model. Where else does the extra 3 million elements come from? I mean what are its soucres? Will increasing number of joints, contacts or other things affect the total number of elements within my model, or the total number of equations within my model?
What is the difference between Workspace and Database?