,"What can you do to avoid switching from Iterative to Sparse solver? Don't use u-P formulation. Don't use MPC184 elements using Lagrangian multiplier. Don't use constraint equations.", How can I avoid using u-P formulation elements? and I mean the warning says that the MPC184 elements using lagrange multiplier entangle with other constraint equations. I guess I have to keep the topologies to which I am applying MPC184 elements free from any other constraint equations, in order to make the PCG solver to work.
"This warning says that the element connects one node to node 0, which is a grounded node.", why does the solver do that without me specifically giving that as a command to the solver? To avoid rigid body motion, or it has other intentions?
Can you atleast tell me what does Workspace and Database mean briefly? I would keep this information in mind for the future. Thank you.