,should I be cautious while switching the MPC184 elements to penalty-based method? I mean will it affect my solver performance, results, etc?
Can you write down the exact command (in APDL format) that should be given under that joint, to switch it to penalty based method, here please?
Firstly, I would like to clarify that my model does not have any kind of non-linear contact. It has just linear contact, infact just bonded contacts. But will the non-linear contacts result in more RAM requirement than the linear contact? (assuming that the non-linear and linear both contacts have the same Contact and Target faces). And also, I haven't added any mesh refinement near these contacts. The global mesh size is the same as the local mesh size near these contacts.
Secondly, I would like to know if the increase in contact elements actually affect the memory requirement for the model to run? Because as I know, its not the elements but the nodes of all the elements within the model which plays a role in determining the amount of RAM needed for the analysis to run (since its the nodal properties that would be held by the RAM while processor does its thing). Now as far as the contact elements are concerned, does it also contribute to the overall increase in nodes in my model, and will these nodes be treated as like typical model nodes (whose displacements are calculated by the solver)? If it will, then yes it makes sense that the increase in total contact elements would ultimately require more RAM, but if it doesn't then it doesn't justify the increase in total required RAM.
Will changing the Formulation of the contact (regardless of linear or non-linear contact), detection method or behavior result in lesser number of contact elements, and hence lesser RAM requirement?