thankyou for your replies, this one as well as the one before this.
Deformable is no good because the nodes closest to the center have higher influence (weighting factor) on the new node than the nodes furthest from the center
What kind of problem can this bring in? Did you mean that the nodes closer to the center might have higher share of force transfer and thus might have higher deformations then the rest of the nodes, which are far away from the center?
So as far as I can comprehend, the bonded contact and fixed joint won't make that much of a difference in accuracy if the locally connected topologies are small. However, if the locally connected topologies become large, then fixed joint will not closely mimic the reality and will loose the accuracy as compare to the bonded contact.
How would you rate the convergence between fixed joint and bonded contact? I mean can it cause some convergence problems for any of these two? If yes, then which would be more prone to it?