Hi mrife Thank you for your rapid response! I am a student, and the sales representative told us it would be $2k for an academic license, which we are considering purchasing for our lab. On the website it says you can trial it for 30 days so I would like to do that before recommending to our PI that we spend $2000 (we have some funding, but its not infinite and we want to make sure we use it wisely). I am mostly interested in the FDTD simulations for nanophotonic devices. The instructions to trial show a very similar but slightly differnety version, with lumerical not ansys branding, and the option to trial in the tutorial is not present on my end, so I am just trying to figure out how I can get that option or if there is a different way to obtain such a trial. Attached is the window I see and you can see that is different from the tutorial window with no option to request trial license.
Thank you again!