The geometry that I am going to apply, is very complicated. It has 4 layers solid body 70*70 micron dimension with 200 micron thickness for each layer and there are 59 tiny holes in it. The hols are filled with another material and have 200 micron diameter! The whole system will go under 20 MPa pressure at 70 degrees. I am trying to use the combination of steady-state-thermal and static structural simulation (which I am not sure these are the right options) but the main problem is firstly the meshing of such a complicated domain. Another problem is, when I use all the software controlled meshing with high resolution, the meshing works without error, but the software does not solve neither the steady-state-thermal, nor static structural! I have attached a screenshot of the geometry. But please note that I have separated the layers with better visualization. In the main simulations, they are attached to each other.
Thanks in advance for your help.