Dear Thank you so much for your prompt answer. yes, my model is symmetric, I did not use symmetric, but you are right. I will try it. I started the new simulation and it is still going and not finished yet , every thing is the same as before just I turned on Auto time step and I put this value for time steps:
Up to now, convergence is going very well
but in the middle of simulation process still, it shows me these warnings:
I read in another post about "Matrix coefficient ratio exceeds 1.0e8..." and SandeepMedikonda wrote that this is because of ill-conditioned that can occur due to multiple reasons such as rigid body motion, highly distorted elements, high frictional contacts, units that may result in numbers too big/small, or even unstable material models.
but SandeepMedikonda also said this is just a warning and it can be ignored, but I am confused!!! Should I be worried about that in my simulation or not?(, It means sth is wrong in my model but I can not understand what.
BUT right now, I used the frictional contact to prevent moving my model and I could not use frictionless contact.
Do you mean if I use one quarter on my model, can I use frictionless contact and my scaffold won't move?
Do you know if I want to use frictionless contact, what should I do for preventing sliding my model? it seems i can not use frictionless contact and use some constraint for the scaffold. it can change the result if i use any constraint for the scaffolds.
Any recommendation will be appreciated...
Best, Mansoureh