1) consider using shell elements on a surface to represent the thin film. This will be more accurate and efficient for bending.
2) consider setting the holder solid body to be a Rigid body, not flexible. This will reduce the solution time.
3) cut the model into 1/4 of the domain in the geometry editor.
4) Use a Fixed Joint to Ground on the holder to provide the necessary support.
5) Apply Symmetry Boundary Conditions on the two cut edges of the surface that represents the thin film. On a shell element, that means zero displacement along the axis normal to the cut plane and zero rotation about the two orthogonal axes. There is no need to hold the corner of the thin film. It will be free to slide along the surface contact defined in #6.
6) Add Frictional Contact between the thin film surface and the holder face.
7) Under Analysis Settings, turn on Large Deflection, turn on Auto Time Stepping, set the Initial and Maximum Substeps to 100.