Dear Good.
You set the Element Size as a Parameter and select a Result as a Parameter then let the Parameter Study automatically run through a set of element sizes. It might be the number of elements through the thickness: 1, 2, 3, 4 linear elements and then repeat for quadratic elements. The problem is you will need a big computer with lots of RAM and storage to run this, or do it on a 1/8 symmetry model to reduce your model size.
Have to look into that more closely. Investigations should be done on a 1/8 symmetry model to get results more quickly.
Yes, I was wrong when I said it matched. It clearly does not. I believe you used linear tetrahedral elements and have only 2 elements through the thickness, so that is overly stiff compared with using quadratic elements and more elements through the thickness. I think the Mesh convergence study on the 1/8 symmetry model may show how the slope of the linear elastic portion of the graph changes with element order and number of elements through the thickness.