Yes, of course you can access RSM settings on your computer. What you need to know is whether RMS was installed on the cluster. I have an HPC computer at work and RMS was installed on that computer and I configured my computer to use it. But if the HPC computer did not have RSM configured, then it wouldn't work from my computer. I would have to move an archive or the dat file from my computer to the HPC and then run the solver from the Linux command line instead of simply using my Windows computer and Mechanical and hitting the Solve button.
I have done studies on the elapsed time of a model versus number of processors on a 16 core machine. It is well known that requesting every core has worse speed than requesting fewer than every core. The reason is that one core is the Master and it has more work to do than the others. Also, the overhead of dividing out the parts and recombining the results can slow down the overall speed versus using fewer cores.