Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

You can though use your native language, translate that on the web (many apps for that), and then post.

I am not an expert in this domain, but damage and evolution laws are aimed as far as I can see more for composites (e.g., CFRP) typically as mentioned in our help manual section:
4.22.1 Initiation and 4.22.2 for evolution -

Searching around will give some information about them (e.g., Haishin):
Also our ACP manual contains some more info about them through our ACP tool (5.3.4. Failure Criteria for Reinforced Materials)

As for the fracture criteria that is in chapter 3.3 and an example is 3.3.4 and 5. Hope this helps (these are the examples I know).
Finally I would recommend courses on these very large subjects which assume though a basic understanding of solid and continuum mechanics and some composite laminate theory (so you will need to have some knowledge in these fields). NAFEMS should perhaps have course on this:
Some guidelines on modelling failure:
And more can be found on the NAFEMS website which provides guidelines for different analysis.

That is all I can provide - perhaps someone else has some more info.

All the best and good luck.