Yes, correct.
I have reviewed the license currently in use, and it has the LS-DYNA entries in it. It does not expire until this November.
We recently moved the LM from a different host to the current one, and the license currently in use reflects this change.
I do notice that when LSDYNA displays license and platform data (when I execute it), it says "Licensed To: ", but no one is listed. Here is the section of output relevant to that.

Features enabled in this version:|
|Shared Memory Parallel|
|FFTW (multi-dimensional FFTW Library)|
|Interactive Graphics|
|ANSYS License (ANSYS211)|
|MADYMO indirect coupling (7.2 or higher)|
|Licensed to:|
|Platform: Xeon64 System|
|OS Level: CentOS release 6.10 uum|
|Compiler: Intel Fortran Compiler 16.0 SSE2|
|Precision: Single precision (I4R4)|

In another thread, I saw where I should set LSTC_LICENSE and LSTC_LICENSE_SERVER env vars, and I tried that...but it still didn't work.