The solver pivot warnings are because there are no constraints holding the plate. Follow the directions below to create a 1/4 symmetry model that, along with frictional contact, will completely support the plate.
Don't use Bonded Contact, change it to Frictional Contact.
Open the Geometry editor and move the ball to be tangent to the plate.
In the Geometry editor, make two planes through the center of the ball to cut the ball and plate into four pieces each. Delete 3 of each to have a quarter symmetry model.
In Mechancial, Add a Displacement for the two cut faces whose normals are aligned with the X axis and set X = 0 leaving Y and Z free. Add a Displacement for the two cut faces whose normals are aligned with the Z axis and set Z = 0 leaving Y and X free. Those are your two symmetry boundary conditions.
Edit the force to be 6/4 = 1.5 N since you have a 1/4 symmetry model.
Right click on the Connections folder and insert a Contact Tool. Right click on it and Generate Initial Contact Status. Look at the status results and check that the Frictional contact is Closed. If it is not, edit the contact and change the Interface Treatment to Adjust to Touch.
Click on Analysis Settings and change Large Deflection to On.
Solve. If it does not converge. Come back for more instructions.
If it solved, under the Solution branch, insert a Contact tool. Right click on the contact tool and insert a Pressure result. Now you can see which elements have a pressure to help you estimate 1/4 of the contact area.