I did exactly what you said:

These are the lines of code:

run_line = r'"D:/ANSYS Inc/v212/Framework/bin/Win64/runwb2" -B -R E:/Blank generator/Ansys_mesher/GeoChngWorkbench.wbpj'

launch = os.system(run_line)

does this line " -B -R E:/Blank generator/Ansys_mesher/GeoChngWorkbench.wbjn" mean that I will pass to Ansys the GeoChngWorkbench.wbpj script? In this case why the extension .py is replaced by .wbjn?

I didn't receive any error but nothing happened also.Am I supposed to see workbench open and all the operations happening in the interface or everything will be running underneath the hood? Because I'm expecting some kind of .cdb output files that carry the stiffness data of my model but I don't have an idea on where to find them?

Thank you