Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

in addition to the recommended above, one can automatically do that, but this is outside of the help we can offer since it involves some advanced apdl scripting.

It can be done in many ways (all involving scripting apdl snippets), but one way could be that one can get the equivalent plastic strain (via nsel command - see command reference in help), just as they get the stress (nsel,R,S,EQV,230,..) in the below workflow (link) which can be used to stop an analysis based on a criteria, and once there are some nodes that have been selected (we can get the selected node count, by using *get), then in an *if statement (if node count is greater than 0) we can stop (*IF,nodecount,gt,0,stop) the analysis. So one would need to alter the snippet here a bit. As I said though I can not help with that.
Thank you