Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

Try using 1 core and not distributed solution, and also take away the rigid body constraint, and the tracker which it complains about (it probably does that because you need to set the plate to rigid, under stiffness behaviour under the geometry and the part details). Instead of this constraint just use a standard fixed or displacement constraint on the bottom of the plate. To use the fixed support, we need also to set the plate body to flexible.
So if this works, then there is something with rigid body constraint (since the error mentions that). This tutorial works though in 2021 R1 and R2 (the course is designed for 2021 R1, but you are using an older release). You would need to download the latest release and then do this tutorial again with 2021 R2 (it works fine then). It goes without saying that we need to follow every step as in the example and the pdf provided for this workshop so read through every page very carefully. Most of the issues/errors encountered by students when doing a workshop is from my experience in teaching courses, mostly related to that they do not read the instructions/notes properly. Finally, should you have questions about that workshop, then please post this in ALH.

Thank you