Hi @nchode Thank you very much for your information! After the settings are done, some issues still occur. Could you please kindly help me indentify the problem?
The ribbon laminated core has a magnetic property similar to toroidal cores, and the flux density distribution in the corner region is as shown below, found in a research article:
I created a 3D model to simulate this effect. The first option is to set the lamination of the material. Following your instructions, the radial parts and the straight parts are separately applied to different materials with corresponding lamination settings. But the results seem not correct, which is depicted below as well as the material setting specified for the radial material (similar for the straight parts):
Therefore, I was wondering maybe setting anisotropy of the permeability is a better choice. Yet, the ANSYS Maxwell fails to converge this time:
My settings are arranged as below:
All the models are created under Cartesian coordinates.
The material properties of the radial, horizontal and vertical parts are shown respectively:

BTW, The radial objects has been bonded to the relative coordinates system whose direction of Z axis is the same with the globel CS. The simulation is conducted in ANSYS Electronics Desktop 2021 R1.
Thank you so much for helping me!